Lithium Ion Battery Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric Offers Multiple Lithium Ion Solutions

Lithium Ion Offers Superior Life Spans

When comparing battery technologies, different solutions exist for different customer needs.  Life span should not be overlooked as a key decision factor.

VRLA is a low cost "go-to" for 5+ minutes, but has a short life of 3-5 years.  Pure lead VRLA batteries are an alternate that provide a longer life (up to 7 years) and the capability of sub 1 minute run times.  20-year VRLA and wet cell (VLA) batteries offer longer life of up to 15 years, but come at a significant price adder.  

In contrast, the BCL04 cabinet has a 15 year life and is best suited for 2-20 minute run times.  The BCL05 cabinet has a 20 year life and is well suited for 1-10 minute run times.  The BCL01/02/03 has a 20 year life and is well suited for 10-30 minutes run times.

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Total Cost of Ownership

Lithium ion offers a significant advantage over VRLA with its longer life, as evidenced by a side by side comparison.  Although a lithium ion solution may have a higher initial cost, a total cost of ownership analysis shows lithium ion as the preferred energy solution over the lifetime of the equipment.  Consider also the following additional benefits afforded with a switch to lithium ion listed below.

Lithium Advantages




Life span of 15-25 years before reaching end-of-life (60% capacity). No battery replacements are expected over the lifetime of the UPS.





5-6x lighter than VRLA solution with equivalent energy. Provides cost savings and flexibility in shipment, installation, and facilities.





3-5x the energy density of VRLA providing the equivalent amount of energy in significantly smaller footprint providing more flexibility in facility installation.






A visual inspection is recommended only once a year. Battery replacement services not expected over the lifetime of the UPS system.





96% efficiency provides more cost savings over the lifetime of the UPS and batteries.







LiB batteries include integrated battery management; providing real-time data and trending as well as safety monitoring and control.





LiB possesses the ability to be cycled 25x more than VRLA, enabling longer life span, peak shaving, and grid stabilization capabilities.





Peak shaving saves utility costs by supporting load at peak demand. Batteries are discharged during peak demand and recharged during lower cost periods.





Shelf life of 2 years before recharging is required. Increases options for timing of purchase and installation.






Over 65% of the total cost of ownership of the UPS system is reduced by lower maintenance, no battery replacement, and lower operating costs.


Product Data Sheets

We offer multiple lithium ion solutions, each with its own virtues, depending on your particular run time requirements, UPS size, and power needs.  Convenient links to the data sheets for each are provided below.

BCL04 - LMO/NMC (Lithium Manganese Oxide/Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide)

BCL05 - LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate)


Many customers are now looking beyond VRLA batteries for their mission critical applications.  Lithium ion solutions provide many features that greatly exceed the capabilities of traditional lead acid products.  A fifteen year minimal life expectancy coupled with easy maintenance most likely tops the list of advantages for most.  Adding their ability to operate at higher temperatures, low density (mass per unit volume), and smaller cabinet footprint provide additional compelling considerations.  Lithium ion is quickly becoming the go to battery solution for large capacity customers.

Lithium Ion Brochure

Code Certifications

The codes and regulations for lithium ion batteries are currently changing.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Fire Code (IFC) added sections directly related to the installation and use of lithium ion batteries. In combination with these, UL and IEC have created requirements for lithium ion batteries to ensure their safe use and operation in energy storage systems. Mitsubishi Electric can help you navigate the latest information and codes.

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