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What's going on in the Data Center and Power Quality Industries?

PA One Call System, Inc.

Mitsubishi 1100 for Call centers

PA One Call System, Inc. is a privately funded nonprofit corporation in Pennsylvania and part of the national 811 “Call Before You Dig” network.  In Pennsylvania, anyone planning to dig as part of any excavation project, including private property, is required by law to investigate whether their excavation could potentially interfere with any utility or service lines, such as telephone, electric, natural gas, sewer, and cable, that are buried underground.

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The Case for the Big Box UPS

Big Box UPS

Have you noticed the wildfire growth in the number and size of data centers around the world recently?  Major cloud service providers such as AWS (Amazon Web Service), Microsoft Azure, and Google have all embarked on impressive new data center projects in the last twelve months of previously unseen magnitude.  

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Plant Maintenance: How does your Service Plan stack up?

UPS Service Plan

Your plant or data center is a sum of its parts. It is the end result of what seems like countless hours of planning and support from your team along with the cooperation of various vendors. The equipment onsite can include Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), generators, environmental control systems, security systems, IT equipment, and more. 

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Important Considerations in UPS Testing

UPS Testing

When it comes to ensuring the highest level of data center continuity, it's vital to thoroughly test infrastructure systems at the onset of any installation or build-out to develop a baseline of performance parameters.

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Silicon Carbide may grind out eco-mode UPS

Silicon Carbide Power Electronics

3/28/17-     Eco-mode saves power but increases the risks associated with a UPS. Silicon carbide could give the best of both worlds.

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Maximizing Data Center UPS Efficiency

Maximzing UPS Efficiency

Uninterruptible power supply systems, a core component of mission-critical infrastructure in a data center, are frequently regarded as one of the biggest offenders with respect to energy loss in power distribution.

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Why Predictive Maintenance is the Proper Maintenance

Predictive vs Preventative Maintenance

Want to avoid emergencies? Check out the difference between Preventative and Predictive Maintenance. Our Jason Eichas elaborates.

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Payoff of Preventive Maintenance

Thermal Imaging

In the current age of information and technology, the safety of your data is more important than ever. In addition, the electrical system supporting your data is its lifeline and ultimately responsible for its security. It’s no wonder then that incorporating an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) into data storage systems is considered a good security strategy.

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Gaining Awareness into Data Center Energy Issues

Data Center Energy Issues

Gain some insight about the UPS factor for data centers from our Linda Morrow’s Data Center Journal article.

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Secure Power: Load Banks, ATS, and UPS applications

Load Banks, ATS, and UPS Applications

11/1/15-     Facilities depend on Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to provide near instant power to a load when the main power fails, or an automatic transfer switch (ATS) to switch the load between utility power and a backup generator when it senses a power outage. A load bank mimics a real load that a power source supplies to in real operation. The load bank serves the power source through its energy to test, support, and protect it. Article on Page 44.

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Emergency Power for Data Systems: Why Not All Static UPS Systems are Created Equal

Not All Static UPSs are equal

In our cloud-based digital world, data must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week—no matter the state of the electrical grid. Computer downtime not only affects production, but also negatively affects customer good will—quickly affecting an organization’s bottom line.

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Criteria for Selecting a Service Provider

Service Technician

Once you've spent time and money purchasing a UPS choosing a service provider becomes an important decision.  Kyle Tessmer runs you through the criteria for choosing a Service Provider. 

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Data Center Decisions: Build, Buy, Or Lease?

Build, Buy, or Lease

To build, buy, or lease their next data center is an issue that keeps many C-level executives up at night. The decision may rest on many diverse factors such as available capital, timeline, degree of desired control, and simple human ego. Being able to assess current and future IT needs accurately and build an appropriate data center under the same roof is a challenging task for even the most competent. 

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Minimizing Downtime in Critical Power Infrastructure

Rules for Success in the Data Center

In the data-driven world we live in today, fast and reliable access to information to and from your company’s business system is critical to the survival of your business. Without a reliable infrastructure, your data is at risk. The primary focus of this critical power system design is what will a power outage and the resulting loss of data cost? Downtime costs money.  Mistakes made in the design and implementation of your critical power system can significantly impact your business. 

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