UPS Product Overview

Find the best uninterruptible power supply to support your critical runtime requirements

Mitsubishi Electric has a proven track record of providing high-quality, customized UPS solutions to meet the most stringent requirements. Since 1964, Mitsubishi Electric has manufactured precision engineered Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to protect our customers’ mission critical equipment against the damage and expenses resulting from power fluctuations and outages. Mitsubishi Electric UPS products are highly regarded for their unsurpassed quality, reliability, and efficiency and set the benchmark for technical excellence. Not to be outdone, our experienced team of 250+ certified and authorized field service technicians is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of uptime for our customers throughout the lifetime of our systems. 

Sizing a UPS Battery Backup

One of the core concerns when choosing a UPS is selecting the appropriate capacity range and footprint - or sizing a UPS - to support your critical load and runtime requirements. Mitsubishi Electric offers a range of high quality UPS products with variable capacity in both single and multi-module configurations so you can find the best match for your UPS requirements. If you have questions or need help sizing a UPS battery backup, contact our service team. 

Three phase power supply system from Mitsubishi Electric

Three Phase 1050 kVA and Greater

An uninterruptible power supply in this capacity range is most commonly found in data centers. As uptime and reliability are undeniably top priorities across all the industries we support, it all comes down to the integrity of the UPS to carry the load. Minimizing the real estate occupied by back-end equipment maximizes square footage available for revenue generating equipment. View the minimal footprints provided by the following Mitsubishi Electric UPS products and learn how they can improve your bottom line.​

Three Phase 80 to 750 kVA

Up until recently, an uninterruptible power supply with capacity up to 750 kVA used to be considered large. With the advent of the new hyperscale data centers, sizing a UPS battery backup has changed, and 80-75 kVA UPS products are now considered medium and are commonly, but not exclusively, utilized in medium size data centers with a 1-5 megawatt load range. 

Mitsubishi's game changer UPS, the SUMMIT, which features Silicon Carbide technology, also falls into this category and provides more power within the same square footage than older models. 

Three Phase 10 to 80 kVA

A three phase uninterruptible power supply in the 10-80 kVA range will normally be used to back up smaller size enterprise operations or IT closets. 

Single Phase 6 to 12 kVA

The 7011B UPS from Mitsubishi Electric is a true online, double conversion single phase UPS that will protect your equipment from disruptions in power, such as brown-outs, line noise, voltage transients, and power outages.

If you're looking for the best uninterruptible power supply for individual computers, small networks, communications systems, and security systems, the 7011B is ideal. This backup solution is simple to start up, operate, and maintain.