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Project Planning & Management

Project Planning & Management

Mitsubishi Electric’s UPS division has a history of delivering customized backup power solutions to suit a customer’s specific needs. A dedicated group of project applications engineers are charged with the task of planning, managing, and following individual projects beginning with the design stage and ending with turnover of the equipment to the end user. In between these two endpoints, they will be intimately involved in a number of different tasks, depending on the customer’s needs, which may include:

  • Reviewing product specifications
  • Recommending equipment
  • Answering design questions
  • Verifying the proposed equipment meets the scope of the project
  • Developing submittal package for customer approval
  • Presenting proposed solutions to end user
  • Managing the project timeline, including delivery, installation, startup, commissioning, and equipment turnover 
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Factory Testing


Every UPS from Mitsubishi Electric is tested prior to shipment and a signed test report is provided. Our Warrendale Operations Center is equipped with two test labs with 3 MW resistive and 375 kVA reactive load banks available, and factory-provided batteries are leveraged during the test to simulate field performance. Customers may request specific tests in addition to the factory test and are invited to the testing to view real-time data and results. 

Onsite and startup testing is also performed by trained and certified technicians after installation.

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You can rely on Mitsubishi Electric to provide the service support you require. Mitsubishi Electric has over 200 certified technicians in the Americas to quickly and capably respond to your needs. An extensive training curriculum keeps the service team up to date on products and techniques.

Options for end user First Responder training are also available, and are geared toward day to day equipment operation. Training can be performed either in the well-equipped training facility within the Operations Center of Mitsubishi Electric’s Warrendale location, at a customer’s site, or online. Standard training programs for each Mitsubishi Electric UPS model are available or a custom program can be configured to meet specific needs. Additional specific training packages can be customized upon request.

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Batteries & Battery Services

Battery Maintenance, Replacement, & Repairs

Careful and timely maintenance is essential to a reliable and efficient UPS. This includes annual and semi-annual maintenance checks, knowing when to replace or upgrade batteries, and leveraging Mitsubishi Electric certified technicians to diagnose and repair irregularities.

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OnSite Upgrades & Replacements

OnSite Upgrades & Replacements

A customer’s backup power planning process results in equipment installations designed to last a number of years. However, unexpected circumstances can sometimes lead to a need for upgrades or replacement:

  • Advanced technologies offer improved performance or needed capabilities currently not achievable.
  • Expansion is required to address capacity constraints of the current system.
  • One or more pieces of critical power equipment are nearing the end of their useful life or support lifecycle.

A successful onsite upgrade, retrofit, or replacement of a piece of critical power infrastructure however requires thorough evaluation, careful planning, knowledge, experience, coordination, responsiveness, and flexibility.

Mitsubishi Electric delivers a variety of project planning and onsite services for ensuring that the shutdown, upgrade, replacement, and restart of components in critical power systems including Uninterruptible Power Supplies, batteries, and other peripherals are performed rapidly, correctly, and smoothly.

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Customer Support

Customer Support

Your business runs around the clock, and so does Mitsubishi Electric. With 24x7 technical support coverage, including weekends and holidays, the Technical Support team at Mitsubishi Electric is dedicated to protecting your investments no matter what day or time. The total cost of an unplanned data center outage is now estimated at $500k-$1M. With factory trained technicians positioned throughout the Americas, rapid response times can significantly reduce downtime and loss of revenue. Highly skilled Technical Support representatives are available to troubleshoot by phone and, if necessary, are able to dispatch a certified technician to your site.

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